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Here we grow!

This is such an exciting thing to share with our first blog entry. First off for 2024 we are moving. We have entered into an agreement with the Relentless Life Center on Haywood Road to move our classes to their much larger facility.

Why the move?

While we have enjoyed our time with the Verdae YMCA, our growth and the ability to have better equipment and storage was alway an issue, plus the competition for floor space with other classes would often interfere with our instruction. Then, there were the time constraints, the Y is closed by 8, so adult classes always felt rushed for students to arrive on time.

What have we gained?

We will now have a full floor space with a dedicated Martial Arts facility within the Relentless Life Center. We have extra heavy bags and Bob's, plus extra mats to train on. Our adult offerings will move to 7pm to 8:30 and we will have a kids class from 5pm to 6 pm.

We will also now be able to look at conducting tournaments as well as special events in this much larger space.

All around this is a fantastic opportunity for the school and for all of our students. The Life Center will also have discounted rates for all students for the rest of the facility.

We look forward to seeing you, and to a blessed 2024.

-Michael Watkins

Master Instructor

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